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65 Anzac Avenue
Seymour VIC 3660
phone: 5799 0960
Wetlands Environmental Taskforce
Wetlands Environmental Taskforce
Wetlands Environmental Taskforce
  • About Us

    The Wetlands Environmental Taskforce (WET) Public Fund was established in 2002, with the primary aim to purchase and restore and maintain Australia's remaining wetlands to ensure they are preserved for future generations.
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  • Charity Dinner

    A fundraising event is being held on February 24 in Bendigo, Victoria, and promises to be a great night. Tickets just $85, with all proceeds going towards wetland conservation.

Our Aims

The approved purposes of the WET Trust are:

  • to conserve and protect the natural environment, particularly as it relates to wetlands;
  • to conserve, create and manage wetlands, its flora and fauna, in an ecologically sustainable way;
  • to seek to raise community awareness of the value and benefits of wetlands and to achieve community and private sector participation in the management of wetlands;
  • where appropriate, to purchase, repair and manage wetlands wisely;
  • to generally comply with the "Wise Use" principles of the Ramsar Convention.


WET History Overview

WET was established in 2002 as a natural extension of the conservation activities undertaken by members of Field and Game Australia since 1958, and builds on the principles that underpinned the highly successful Victorian program of wetland purchase from that time.

Since its formation, members have undertaken a range of voluntary conservation projects using its own financial and human resources, that has included water control structures, revegetation, vermin control, waterfowl counts, and artificial nesting boxes.




  • Heart Morass
    The Heart Morass Rehabilitation Project truly is the jewel in the WET Trust crown. Works include: revegetation, water quality management, track maintenance, flora and fauna monitoring, fencing, and pest, plant and animal control.
  • Connewarre Wetland Centre
    The WET has made a commitment to purchase 36 hectares (just under 90 acres) of wetland adjoining Hospital Swamps, which provides an opportunity to establish a WET footprint in the Lake Connewarre State Game Reserve.