Our history

WET was established in 2002 as a natural extension of the conservation activities undertaken by members of Field and Game Australia since 1958, and builds on the principles that underpinned the highly successful Victorian program of wetland purchase from that time.

That decision, just over two decades ago, was made by a group of hunters who recognised the desperate need to take a pro-active approach to ensure Australia's wetlands continued to be preserved and maintained well in to the future. 

The formation of the WET acknowledged the importance of preserving Australia's remaining wetlands, given the essential habitat that they provide for a wide variety of unique native flora and fauna, and offered every Australian an opportunity to take positive actions to protect and enhance Australia's remaining wetlands.

Since its formation, FGA members have undertaken a range of voluntary conservation projects using its own financial and human resources, that has included water control structures, revegetation, vermin control, waterfowl counts, and artificial nesting boxes.

WET is undertaking the biggest wetland habitat restoration project in Australia at the Heart Morass, near Sale. Click to see the "before" and "after" photos – and see for yourself some of the amazing work that is being accomplished by WET.