Hen houses

In 2021, Wetlands Environmental Taskforce (WET) in partnership with Field & Game Australia introduced WET Hen Houses to wetlands in Australia. What started as a small project soon turned into something bigger than had ever been imagined.

Today, not only are there WET Hen Houses installed by WET and FGA volunteers across Victoria, but several non-members have also purchased and installed them in various wetlands.

"It is very exciting to see people from outside our hunter-conservationists community take interest in this project," FGA's conservation and hunting manager Glenn Falla said.

"This is definitely a good news story as FGA members and non-members are coming together for the common cause of increased breeding habitat."

These hen houses are not only one of the most cost-effective ways to increase waterfowl population, but are also touted to boost nest success by more than 60 per cent.

Due to their increasing popularity, we thought we’d share with you a guide on how to make your own hen house.

"This project, hopefully, will not just help with increased breeding habitat, but can also be used to educate non-members about the work we do and encourage their participation in these types of projects," Glenn said. 

Click here to download the instruction guide.